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Current state of R&B Music: Is Tinashe the Answer?

The overarching problem is that the R&B scene has a dearth of talent at the moment, and someone like Tinashe can't be counted on to overcome that.

Analyzing the Crossroads of Iggy Azalea

After taking some time off to cancel a tour and clear away some legal issues, rapper Iggy Azalea made her return to the spotlight, performing at the Festival D'ete De Quebec during the weekend...

Nicki Minaj & Her Tarnished Brand

How Hip Hop's top female tarnished her brand

Never-Married Men Over 40: Date-able or Debate-able?

Anyone with salt-and-pepper hair who shows up in your online matches as ’Never Married’ might as well come with a flashing Warning Sign.

The Cycle that Keeps Looping: Guns, Drugs, Demons & Hip Hop

Bobby Shmurda's Arrest Should Be a Cautionary Tale, but It Won't Be

Women’s Hip Hop in Disarray

What in the world is going on with the Women in Hip Hop?

Are Urban Music Shows a Dying Breed in Today’s TV scope?

While BET strings us along on 106 & Park's farewell tour, be thankful for one thing; the opportunity to have basked in the importance that was urban music programs on TV.

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