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How Hip Hop's top female tarnished her brand

Anyone with salt-and-pepper hair who shows up in your online matches as ’Never Married’ might as well come with a flashing Warning Sign.

Bobby Shmurda's Arrest Should Be a Cautionary Tale, but It Won't Be

What in the world is going on with the Women in Hip Hop?

While BET strings us along on 106 & Park's farewell tour, be thankful for one thing; the opportunity to have basked in the importance that was urban music programs on TV.

After nine months of weekly articles from non-music media outlets hyping the rise of Iggy Azalea, the Australian starlet finally made her game-changing admission into what is usually "superstar status" - lawsuits from former...

A long, dramatic vent feels so good in the moment, but has one ever solved your problem? Why experts say these tirades are hurting you, and what to do instead. Ten bucks says you've had...

Everyone's always loved Lil Kim in Brooklyn NY, and I loved her more than just about anyone not named MC Lyte. I probably have one of the few pristine copies of the SOURCE magazine...