By Nick Christophers

There are many people who chase their dreams. Yet few ever get to live them. In the music industry dreams are plentiful and hard to accomplish. But one dreamer has worked hard to make that dream a reality. His name is, Sin. A name just as original as his style and approach. From the tender age of 13 years old Sin was writing and arranging songs from Pop to R&B. He did not stop there though; he kept his talents tuned for the next 15 years or so. Growing up, Sin was inspired by the musical talents of Prince, Madonna and Elton John. When it came to DJ’s his favorites where: Shep Pettibone, Junior Vasquez, David Morales, Roger Sanchez and Frankie Knuckles, who he also worked with later on.

At 14 years old he began showing up at studios singing and then taking his talent to the streets. He started to perform in front of audiences in his harsh surroundings of Newark, New Jersey. As he grew with the music the industry grew around him. He moved on from solo performances in his neighborhood to working in the industry. He soon was signed to Warner Brothers as a songwriter/artist. While he was signed to Warner Brothers he flew out to China where he did a 6-month tour Djaying with 17 other performers. The tour was part of an Exchange of Artists Program with the US. He later signed a deal with Crave Records which was Mariah Carey’s Label at the time. Even though the label folded Sin learned from his time there.

Unfortunately, Crave Records closed its offices due to professional reasons. But that did not stop Sin from moving on. He had the pleasure of releasing a single with Jon Secada called “Nothing In the World” through the Emilio Estefan Camp. He also mixed and produced music with Shep Pettibone who worked on Madonna’s Vogue / Erotica album. Aside from working with these great names Sin has went on to produce his own artists like “ Christina”. Christina is from Europe who had released one of Sin’s singles “ Watching You” on Universal Music in 2001. The record made Solid Gold Status. The album did very well across Europe. Before this accomplishment Sin was a strong backer for LIFEBEAT an organization whose goal is to fight AIDS. Besides that he was chosen as one of key voters for the Grammy’s.

Judging from Sin’s track record one would think he had it going good. Yet before the success of Christina’s release Sin faded from the scene for a while due to the death of his grandmother who raised him. But he soon came to the realization that one has to move on, “As, DiNero said in “Bronx Tale”: “Nothing is worse than wasted talent”. With that theory Sin went out and made some serious waves and still is today. He has released two titles through Dominican songstress, “J’AI” a 25 year old Newark gal just waiting to break new ground.

Sin was always and still is connected to his Latin roots. He also grew up with music by Hector Lavoe, Celia Cruz and Frankie Ruiz. In his home he was introduced to the music styles of merengue, salsa and Peruvian. When it comes to Latin singers who have crossed over Sin points out his favorites: Gloria Estefan, Jon Secada and Ricky Martin.

Sin was never one for working in radio he was always an underground DJ. Yet he admits he would love to have the opportunity to work at PULSE FM. Sin is presently in the studio feverishly working on possible remixes and production. When it came to his family at first they did not support his goals yet eventually noticed his talents and gave their support. Sin has also traveled to other countries hosting gigs. Places like Bogota, Colombia, Hawaii and Berlin.

Sin has other talents besides singing, writing and Djaying; he is an avid keyboard player, who has added his skills to his work. He has also traveled to Turkey where a top radio station booked him to DJ and spread dance music to the masses. Obviously, Sin has bounced back into the music scene and with force. He has made himself available to the public as well through his DJ bookings. He can be contacted through his website www.sinmusiconline.com. A rising star has emerged from the rough and tumble hood of Newark and is about to make a mark in the world of music. The public should beware of the original SIN.

Profile: Nick Christophers

Nick is a writer at-large for Avenue 1 and a senior writer for Mob Candy Magazine.


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