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Photography Credit: Doss Tidwell (homepage), Gary James, Laretta Houston, and Montoya

One of the best things about having worked in the modeling business from 2002-07 was the chance to watch pure talent transform from on-the-cusp to full-grown superstars in the making. In the case of Supermodel-turned-actress Tasha Ford, this was obvious from the start: after already blazing the pages of Black Mens Magazine and FHM early on, a sizzling spread in Show Magazine, and not to mention TV reporting in the pocket, the East Coast native has set her sights much much higher as everyone should do once they reach a certain level of accomplishment: acting, high fashion, and the commercial stage. I tried to catch up with Ms.Ford for a video interview, but due to our hectic schedules (really hers, as she was shooting for a calendar, ad, & commercial within the same week), we used the electronic machine to it’s advantage, with a video interview in the works once she finishes up her 2309235 things on her plate.

Let’s get right into it – what have you been doing this year?
Well, I’ve been busy doing various photo shoots. I’ve managed to move into high fashion, which is a blessing considering most models that start out as glam get stuck in that category. Some of these images can be found on

Now one of the first things that everyone notices upon seeing you in photos or video for the first time is how fit you are. Is there any methods you carry out to maintain that slim figure?
Yes and no. While proper diet is important, sticking to it is a challenge. Recently, I have been doing my stretches, working out on the stair master, running on the treadmill and cheating off some extra inches in the sauna.

We know you are really going hard into the acting thing. What made you decide that this was what you wanted to do unlike others within the modeling business, who don’t really understand the opportunities acting presents itself?
Yes. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to be invited to acting castings. The the first feat is being invited. You have to be selected before you can even showcase your skills. Then there is the call-back.
When you get the call-back, that means you did a good job and that can be motivating. However, when all this happens in that sequence on your first try, and you get in the movie, then you know you’re working with something – and that’s what happened for me. Now, I didn’t get a speaking role in the movie, but I’m featured in the Cookout 2, so I’m thrilled of my accomplishment.

People don’t really understand how much else goes into modeling other than taking some photos. Can you at least give 1 step, or just 1 rule to Modeling 101?
Like with anything, study your craft. If you want a high fashion look in your port, shoot with the photographers and professionals that help achieve that look/shot. Also, consider the long-term and not the short-term. Putting it all (provocative images) out there before you know your niche, can sometimes hurt you.

What’s the worst advice someone has given you?
Not to shoot with this photographer or shoot for this magazine. It’s so unfortunate – however, the urban category is so limited. If you are not seen in as many projects as possible, you tend to look like you’re not working. People wont want you. You can’t say, hmmm, I’m not going to work with this one, because so and so wont work me with me. Professionals don’t operate like that.

They are not going tell you not to shoot with someone, like their competition, because a good business person never talks bad about it’s competition, they emphasize on what makes them good and how they can help your career.

With so much fashion going on these days at Avenue 1, what are some of your favorite fashion styles going into 2010?
It’s all about leather and very high heels for me. I’m loving the dominate look these days, so look for more of that in my images.

OK, now to the light stuff. If you could take over a real person’s life, whose body would you step into?
There was a time when I would want to be in someones shoes, because what they seem to look like from first glance looks so dreamy, but you never know what someone did to get what they got. They could have a dream body, but it could be nipped & tucked or dying for food. I rather continue to travel down my life’s path and see what happiness and experiences I can acquire for myself.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
Well, I’m trying to find ways to raise money to help Legal Aid Advocacy create and pay for these palm cards that we plan to disseminate to the youth so that they will know their rights. The young people here in Florida are not just going through the normal changes and experiences that they go through like peer pressure, fitting in, puberty, financial resources for education etc.., but they are facing an even more serious problem, like police harassment and abuse of power at schools. A large majority of the schools here, in Palm Beach County Florida, are not turning our children into educated achievers, oh no – they are turning our children over to the jail system for things that should be handled in the principal’s office. These decisions are impacting our children greatly and the number of juveniles with records ( here in Palm Beach County are alarmingly high. I’m very passionate about this cause and bringing it to the forefront by creating awareness and positive change, because my child or not, I love children and I can’t stand by as a mother and just let this happen. It takes a village to raise one child – please join in and help me.

The fellas have really been trying to figure out a legit style to run with this year. Do you have fashion advice for men?
I’m really liking the tailored look. My favorite is jeans paired with a blazer, button up oxford, coordinating accessories like belt and cuff links, and driver shoes aka loafers. Ralph Lauren is the perfect place to assist in achieving this look.

What’s your secret to keeping relationships exciting?
Currently, I’m not seeking a better relationship with men. I’m currently working on building a relationship with God, so I don’t have the answer to that question. ;-( sorry

Now, it’s a well-known fact that you are one of the favorites at Avenue 1, not only for the appeal, but also because when you did your last interview here, you mentioned your stove (cooking) game, which is often a rare within the modeling industry. What’s new with the recipes?
Oh, man. You know what. Recently, I’ve been eating a lot of Pei Wei – don’t laugh, getting plates to go of mom’s tasty meals. Seriously, my work has picked up so much that finding time to cook is nearly null. I frequent my friends restaurant, Prime 112, a lot when I’m in Miami on South Beach. Love the oysters.

Plug us into what’s currently going on with Tasha Ford and what can we
be looking out for in the coming months.

As I mentioned earlier in my interview, I can be seen in the movie “The Cookout 2,” I just shot the lead in Flo-Rida’s “Touch Me” video, I am the cover model for the 504 Dymes 2010 Calendar, I have a spread in Kay Slay’s “Straight Stuntin” magazine which is on the stands now. I am seen in a national commercial too, however, I’m going to leave that one as a surprise and not really give you all the details :). Also, I am an actress now, so you will be seeing me more on TV as well as in print.


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Avenue 1 Founder; Chuck Holliday is a New York City television producer & showrunner, multiple award-winning fashion photographer, and semi-conservative Native New Yorker.


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