Is Nelly Serious?

We here at Avenue 1 love music from all genres, whether it’s EDM, hip-hop, trance, lo-fi, lounge, experimental, and even ‘ignant’ music. With that said, Nelly is a … legend (gasp) of the 2000′s when it comes to chart topping hip-hop. Whether you love him or hate him, he has the catalogue of hits that still light up any club within 30 seconds.

His 2nd ever mixtape was released on his birthday (November 2nd), and one track released is “Like Dat” also featuring Trae Da Truth and Bizzy Crook. Diverting HEAVILY from his signature sound, Nelly finds himself on a Texas-flavored banger with 2 young guns… but is this the right move to wiggle his way back into the current hip-hop landscape?

Profile: Eve Garcia

Eve (Valencia) Garcia is the Senior Editor for Avenue 1 and former runway model (2001-07) turned web and mobile device programmer based in Yonkers, NY.


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