How To Be A Grown Man: Definition, Mentality and Requirements

If the saying, “Clothes don’t make the man” is true, why are they so many that insist that it does?

About every other weekend or so while perusing Facebook or Twitter, I come across at least one guy who is getting ready to go out for the evening and will post a status update and sometimes with a photo with the following startling claim:

Getting my grown man on.

Have you seen it before or are you yourself guilty of making such claims? I’ve seen and heard it more than I would like to recall.

But, what does it mean exactly? Are you slipping on your big boy pants, sticking out your chest and bragging to the world that you are a man? Is it like jumping into a phone booth and changing from Clark Kent to SuperMan?

If that is the case, I am sure that I won’t be alone in my thoughts when I say, that is rather disheartening.

Definition of A Grown Man
Being a grown man is not something you can slip on like a pair of cashmere socks and kick off when you’re ready to disrobe and relax. It stems from personal experience, gained knowledge and is reflected in your actions.

The Mentality of A Grown Man
It is a 24-7-365 (sometimes 366) mentality. There’s no on-off switch nor should there be. It would be an exhausting feat if there was.

The Requirements of A Grown Man
The items in this list should not go without saying but just in case:

Appearance: Clothes are well-fitted, possibly tailor-made. Personal Grooming is a must. Cleanliness is next to Smart, Sexy and Edginess. Nicely trimmed in regards to nails and hair, unless you’re bald. Most importantly, one with correct posture is deemed as strong-willed and strong-minded. Keeps in mind the old saying: Clothes don’t make the man, the man makes the clothes.

Relationships: Whether it’s personal or professional, always respect the others involved. Be able to communicate effective without profanity and unnecessary loudness.

Health: Stay atop of all health exams. Eating well. And FYI, coffee, beer and candy bars are not part of the nutritional food pyramid. Exercise is a vital part of your daily (or almost daily) regimen.

Career: Regardless if employed by someone else or taking the entrepreneurial route, professionalism is key which includes but not limited to: meeting deadlines, producing high quality work and always exceeding expectations.

Intelligence: Always learn and put one’s self in a position to continue to do. Building a substantial library of works that increase brain productivity. Also study other cultures as a means for global awareness.

Finance: Know the importance and rewards of investing and saving. Extensively research items before purchasing large items. Be aware of credit history.

Life: Takes responsibility for actions. Abides by laws. Understands the importance of seeking a spiritual balance.

Now you have a decision to make.

Do you want to step up and embody the requirements it takes to be a grown man which includes the above protocol?

Or, would you rather move through life as a poser, a perpetrator, a fake, a phony and an outright liar who will eventually be shunned for your failed attempt?

The choice is yours and I urge you make the right one.

Profile: LEX Black

LEX Black is a LifeStyle blogger and creator of, a blog that encourages readers to live Smart, Sexy and Edgy. Follow her thought pattern in 140 characters or less on Twitter @RatedLEX.


  1. Kimberlyn

    April 12, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    What about adding this too: Grown men do not play house they get married; grown men do not seek woman to take care of them; grown men except responsibilities; grown men know when they make mistakes and when to correct them. This is just to name a few things. Kimberlyn Rice 2013. GROWN Men!


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